Terms and conditions

Dear Customer,


Before any purchased items are returned, the original invoice needs to be supplied before any transactions can take place. This is subject to the goods being returned in unused, perfect condition, with the original packaging still intact.

It is the responsibility of the customer to check, test ,and confirm the fitment of your purchased items as soon as possible, as NO RETURNS after 14 days will be accepted for a credit or refund. The turbocharger must be fitted to an engine that is in good working order so that the operation of the turbocharger is not prejudiced.

Any product returned under warranty must be accompanied with a warranty claim form which can be obtained from Mr Turbo on request. Warranty will be void if the product returned is dismantled or tampered with in any way. All products must be returned complete, as supplied: in the case of turbochargers this must include the wastegate actuator (pneumatic or electronic) for warranty inspection and analysis to be conducted.

On all returns, a 30% Handling and Admin Fee will be levied, no exceptions. All refunds to be signed and check by authorized personnel, Director or Sales Manager. All refunds will be given at the discretion of the Company management

Goods returned from Trade Customers will only be accepted within a maximum of 14 days, for CREDIT ONLY. Absolutely NO REFUNDS will be done for Trade Customers.

Special orders must be paid in full before we order from our suppliers.

If any goods are a special order eg. Imports or buy outs for the customer, the ordered items will NOT be returnable at all.

No refunds, warrantees or guarantees will be accepted for any electrical components.


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