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Welcome to the world of the new-generation, truly professional chassis dyno. The Mr Turbo chassis dyno is the perfect choice for the astute, professional operator who wants the most technically advanced, and innovative featured chassis dynamometer available, to ensure their business and technical expertise progresses to a new level.
A Mr Turbo Dynamometer represents a distinct step forward in dynamometer technology. While other manufacturers continued to produce equipment that simply measured torque/power, speed, Air:Fuel Ratio and little else for the last ten years or more, Mr Turbo Dynamometers pioneered a new direction and has led the way in adapting the chassis dyno from a simple measuring device to being a highly sophisticated diagnostic instrument. All dynos are not comparable and there are huge differences in their functionality.
Avoid making the mistake of using price as the only factor in considering a chassis dyno. Take the time to look closely and appreciate what each brand of dyno is capable of doing for you and your business.
The total package cost may be a little more for a dyno with highly-advanced diagnostic capabilities and technology, but the right dyno will save you time, allow you to do more, and also enhance your earnings and your business reputation.
If you are used to using a competitor’s dyno, be prepared for a host of extra pleasant surprises. Mr TurboDynamometers are the innovators of the dyno industry, and are at the forefront of dynamometer technology, featuring state-of-the-art All Wheel Drive hardware and multitasking Windows 8 software, and offering the ultimate in flexibility with a Two Wheel Drive version that is engineered for easy conversion to All Wheel Drive. The Mr Turbo dyno has innovative vehicle testing concepts, advanced on-screen graphics and performance-plus characteristics. From its comprehensive, user-friendly Windows 8 software platform, heavy-duty roller construction and total in-car operation, the Mr Turbo dyno will maximise your workshop’s professional image, your profit potential, and your dyno satisfaction.
The Mr Turbo dyno was developed by Mr Turbo cc. Mr Turbo is a major South African-Owned dyno manufacturer. Mr Turbo dynos are manufactured by Mr Turbo at its factory in Johannesburg, South Africa.
Mr Turbo dynos have very good reputation with ultra high performance tuners and drag racers as
unbreakable and mechanically bulletproof.




Inertia and Loading dyno built into one unit- (best of both worlds)

Easy to use, intuitive, Microsoft Windows 8 based OS, Professional Mr Turbo Dynamometer Software

Heavy Duty Construction – No Chassis Flexing – High Axle Loadings

Large Roller Diameter

Optimum deformation knurl on drive rollers for maximum traction and long life

Only Eddy Current Retarders used – recognised as the world’s best

Speed ceiling of 280km/h on most models

Choice of Above Ground Operation or Ground Pit Installation

S Beam Load Cell; Repeatable Force & Torque Measurement;

Highly Accurate Digital Speed Measurement

Speedometer & Odometer Tests

Manual Load Control for diagnostic simulation, mapping or general tuning

Dynamic Power & Torque Graphing

High Accurate and reliable OBD-II Measurement Module option.

Safety Control Dynamometer Software – Safe and Smooth Load Application

In-Car Controller (wireless optional) – All functions are fully operational from within the vehicle

Data Logging Functions for recording test data to customer database




Vehicle Applications

_ Rear Wheel Drive

_ Front Wheel Drive

_ 4 Wheel Drive

_ All Wheel Drive

_ Light Commercial

_ High Performance Applications


Workshop Applications

_ General Tuning, Maintenance & Servicing

_ Petrol, LPG, CNG, Alcohol, or Diesel Fuel systems

_ High Performance Tuning

_ Engine Management Mapping

_ General & Advanced Driveline Diagnostics

_ Transmission Analysis

_ Torque Transmission Analysis

_ Power Transmission Analysis


Workshop Benefits

_ Test 2, 4 & All Wheel Drive vehicles

_ Increase productivity and workshop profits

_ Reduce or eliminate road testing time

_ Save time simulating speed related faults

_ Increase your workshop’s professional image, be a leader in your field

_ Improve your staff’s competence skills, and job satisfaction

_ Higher customer satisfaction, due to higher quality and more professional results

_ Dealerships can test if cars have been modified (chipped, software changed)

_ Diagnose hard to find problems found during road testing.

_ Test at speeds above legal street limits in the safety of your workshop

_ Reduce the risk of on road accidents or loss of driving licence

_ Increase customer base; gain new customers

_ Prove your tuning results, or parts manufacturer’s product claims

_ Measurement of pressure drops through the inlet system with


integrated twin map sensors (air box – intercooler – Mass Air Flow


Meter – Engine) ,to determine the extent of restrictions in the inlet





Rated Power 850kW (1130hp)

Rated Torque 1700Nm

Maximum Weight 2.2 Ton

Maximum Test Speed 280 km/h

Roller Diameter 355 mm

Knurled Drive Rollers Standard

Maximum wheel track 2100mm

Speed Sensor Digital Pulse Endoder

Force Sensor Precision Bi-directional S-Type Load Cell

Electrical Requirement Single Phase 16A

Dynamometer Control Module Windows XP, 7 or 8 based Computer system

Monitor Display 22” LCD Monitor / Twin 22” LCD’s Optional

Hand Control Unit Wired Control Box / Wireless Optional

Total Weight 1550 kg

Speed stability ±1 km/h

Load stability ±0,1 kW

Sensors Wide band O2, 2x 4Bar Map, EGT optional

Vehicle Interface OBD-II data